Elena e Bruno

Welcome to Preggio!

Un senso antico per l'ospitalità

Hospitaly, the old way.

Charme e Relax

Relax and Charme

Prodotti freschi tutti i giorni

Fresh produce, every day.

Una bottigllia d'olio extravergine d'oliva in giro per il mondo

A bottle around the world.

Last Minute!

Welcome to Preggio, welcome to our Agriturismo! Feel free to wander around our web site but do not forget to have a look at our recent offers!


There are indeed numerous guests, famous or not, who visited us here in Agriturismo through all these years, you recognize anyone?


An Organic Farm

The farm is organic certified, from the orchard to the honey, from chestnuts to the Extravirgin Oil. Not a bad opportunity for guests choosing to dine here.


Where is Preggio?

Preggio is on the hills of Umbria, between Tuscany and Lake Trasimeno, and it's the perfect starting point to visit the most beautiful cities and villages of Central Italy.


Piccioni Sul Tetto 1280

Do you like pigeons?


I really like pigeons a lot, even in the other sense, in the pan that is. But, first and foremost, [...]

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Cani Galline Oche Anatre E Tacchini 06

Fending for their daily bread :-)


Our dogs eat in the evening. We’ve always thought that it was a nice idea to send them to bed [...]

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